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Download Free Best Drum Sound Library for LMMS and Hydrogen

Newbie linux musicians? come here!. LMMS is awesome application for creating real music. LMMS is being growth to be mature. Anyone can download, install and use this software for free. One of the powerful feature of LMMS is creating drum beat in simple way.

By the default, LMMS has its own sound library including drum sound, synthesizer sound pressets, instrument pressets and many other plugins.

Lot of sound library can help user to choose what is the best sound for their music. For example, drum sound. Drum sound is usually different depending on music genre or what is the music purpose.

Here is free drumkits, drum sound library which can be used as LMMS sound library (pressets). This drumkits is a sound library of Hydrogen drum machine. This sound quality is very good for creating drum sound for LMMS.

Simply go to
you'll find all files here. This drumkits also needed by Hydrogen drum machine.

To download and install hydrogen drumkits, use this command (for Ubuntu) :
sudo apt-get install hydrogen-drumkit